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Director’s message

Director of the institute has been mentoring since more than 12 years and many more aspirant of civil service become able to achieve their success under the mentorship of the director. The team of faculty consistently and passionately do research in every field by the help of which the student get right direction for clearing their exam. The institute engages a group of dynamic outstanding faculties each one being is best known master of his area. Our teaching team waits to guide the students from very grassroots level to higher excellence understanding level that ultimately leads to success. All well-trained and experienced faculties were drawn from different Universities and Institution is imparting their precious knowledge and techniques to the students.

Outstanding teaching style helps the students to build conceptual clarity over all the topics so that the student can handle any question with strong confidence. For doing this, our result oriented faculty team develop highly modern and efficient method of teaching. Easy version with lucid explanation is applied to explain any complex topic, apart from this; greater emphasis is laid on explanation rather than dictation.

Raju Chakraborty

The institution is nursing leaders in every dimension and is infusing human values and ethics, which enable them to make decision and create a path which is good for them as well as welfare of the society. In order to aspirations and goals, each student is motivated and inspired to strive to achieve excellence in every endeavour by making substantial improvements in students as well as curricular and scholastic device.

It is obvious that qualities demanded by Civil Service Examination cannot be developed overnight and needs a support at a same time. Regarding to this context my long time experience of Teaching and Research, guiding Civil Service aspirants helps the students capable of achieving its goal in an efficient and time bound manner. After years of research and analysis, my team succeeded in developing a course structure that would ensure that students study the concerned subjects along with developing the administrative traits, techniques and soft skills. Our guidance programme priorities on conceptualise clarity and skill-set development so that our student are trained to use this resources optimally and emerge victorious in this examination. Finally, a student under the mentorship of AAROHAN CIVIL SERVICE INSTITUTE lacks nothing in terms of support from the Faculty, Management and Administrative staff. We aim to lend a gentle helping hand so that our students recognize their inner instinct and potential and grow of their own accord stalwarts of tomorrow’s society. An aspirant studying in our classroom, programme is sure to be knowledgeable, confident and fully equipped to deal with the real world and excel.

  • “You are welcome to our Institution where your devotion and hard work will be integrated with our years of experience in mentoring and guiding to achieve your goal successfully.”